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Front Door Colour Trends 2024

Posted on: 01st February, 2024

Embracing Elegance: Front Door Colour Trends For 2024

When it comes to the classic, timeless style of a handcrafted wooden door, a natural finish, whether dark or light timber, will always be in high demand. But as we enter a new year, the latest trends in door colours are here, ready to bring a fresh wave of colour, flair, and style to homes up and down the country. So, what are the trending door colours for 2024? Let’s see what’s in store and whether they can inspire you in time for your home renovations.

Front door colour trends for 2024 – Lilac

While colour trends come and go as often as the seasons, the versatility of black, white, or grey doors will always make them a popular option. By offering a clean and minimalist design style that enhances the overall aesthetic of a home, they can complement different architectural styles and interior designs.

But among the predicted trends, the hot pick set to soar in popularity for front doors in 2024 is lilac.

This soft and subtle alternative to the rising trend of pink front doors has gained increased attention, with online searches spiking over the past 12 months. Lilac ticks the boxes and displays a real sense of calm and relaxation, giving homeowners a chance to provide a warm and welcoming finish to a thoroughly modern or traditional period property.

So, while lilac looks to be the uncontested trendsetter for 2024, many other colours and tones are coming fresh onto the scene or variations on popular colours from last year. Let’s look into it.

Hot Pinks

While a hot pink front door might not have been high on the list of previous trends (last year, more subtle shades were trending), in 2024, we can expect to see much more of this. Is its popularity a result of the influence of the Barbie movie? Maybe. All we know is if you want to amp up the lilac trend, this vivid, vibrant, and striking colour, or even its more tonal shades, will make a design statement to help any home stand out.

chapel glass external full front view blue sky

Bright Yellows

Bold and bright is the order of 2024, and hot on the heels of hot pink comes bright yellow. As a mood-boosting colour, a bright yellow gives good vibes for positivity, energy, and general happiness. And it’s certainly gaining popularity among many homeowners, especially when paired with white or grey. But if a lemon yellow is too much, consider a slightly more subdued shade such as a golden or mustard yellow – not as vibrant, but still bang on trend.

Rich Blues

While tranquil blue shades were on trend last year, these colours haven’t disappeared entirely and are still in vogue for doors this year. But more vibrant, richer blues are joining them for 2024. Royal blue and navy blue are rising the ranks and are two classic, strong, and bold colours that can really make a statement. Navy blue, in particular, can work well with modern or traditional homes.

Making the right door colour choice

Choosing a suitable front door colour might seem overwhelming with the choice of colours available, but here are three tips to help you choose the right one:

Your home’s style

Depending on the style and architecture of your home, different colours can have the right – or wrong – impact. Period properties will suit historically accurate colours in keeping with their age, while modern homes can take bolder colours more easily.

green front door front view

Your home’s surroundings

Unless you’re going for a significant contrasting look, choosing a door colour that complements the existing features of your home, including paintwork, plants, foliage, and even neighbouring properties, can help you focus on a more coordinated finish.

Two or three-tone colour finishes

When you decide on a door colour that works for the outside of your home, choose a contrasting colour for the door frame for a two-tone finish. You can even go for a three-tone finish by having a different colour for the interior again, matching your colour scheme inside.

Handcrafted doors of distinction

As an essential focal point for your home, it’s vital that your door colour hits the right tone architecturally, aesthetically, and personally – and an on-trend colour can make all the difference.

Customers often ask us about the different colour paint choices for our Accoya wood, made-to-measure, bespoke timber doors. And while the ultimate choice is down to you, we can give you guidance and advice to help you colour match as closely as possible to any colours you currently have, which are guaranteed for ten years.

For more information on door colours, call us on 01822 615 010, send us a message, or email us at info@nathanmccarter.co.uk today.

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