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How Do We Help Improve Your Home’s Security?

Posted on: 10th February, 2021

Every door and window created by Nathan McCarter Joinery is uniquely designed and handcrafted to the highest standards. But we also place just as much emphasis on security to ensure every piece is fully compliant with security standards. So how do we blend the design aesthetics of an individual door or window and the practicalities of locks to improve your home’s security?

Home security standards

Home security is essential, and something we always take into consideration when designing any timber doors or windows. While enhancing either your door or window with any extras you want to include, like custom glazing or even a bespoke door knocker, the choice of security locks and ironmongery can often get overlooked and might only be considered as an afterthought.

Your home’s security is as important to us as the end product we create for you. As an integral part of our own processes, we’ll always incorporate locks and hardware as part of our original designs. But we also ensure we maintain the overall aesthetic of the door or window design as well as meeting those crucial security standards.

But it’s not quite as straightforward as simply adding a lock and handing you the key after installation. There are regulations and standards we need to consider to ensure full security compliance that will protect and secure you and your home, both as a legal and a minimum requirement. Combined, these provide the basis of the official Secured By Design initiative.

security timber door

What is Secured By Design?

Set up by the police, Secured By Design (SBD) is an official initiative put together to help improve any building’s security, whether residential or commercial. The strategy behind it is to ensure there’s a minimum standard, recognised by the police, for all security products that can help reduce and deter break-ins and other crime.

Secured By Design logo

Any products that have been tested and are proven to meet the SBD standards, can achieve the Police Preferred Specification. This ensures those products are police-approved to use in your home. But SBD status is only awarded to those products that comply with the wider set of standards and official building regulations.

Door and window security is essential with any new-build property, whether it’s your own self-build project or a home on any new-build housing development. But it’s just as important if you’re repairing, renovating, or replacing doors or windows on existing properties as well. By only using security products that meet these building regulations, your external doors and windows will be as secure as they can be. So what do we look for in every security product we use?

close up view timber sliding sash windows

PAS 24 certification

Focusing on the security products themselves, the PAS 24 certification is a minimum British standard put in place to ensure they fully comply with any current building regulations. Each product undergoes a series of independent tests to gauge the effectiveness of its strength and security credentials against any force that might be used in a common burglary.

As a result of the PAS 24 tests, the products either pass or they fail. If they fail, they don’t receive the certification. If they do pass, they have proof that security requirements have been met and they’re deemed strong, safe, and suitable for use. But these are purely tests on the security features, not how they look or how well they perform in any particular installation.

Approved Document Q Building Regs

Building regulations exist to make sure new homes are built safely and they include certain standards that must be met and maintained across different areas, including security. Coming into effect back in 2015, the Approved Document Q (otherwise known as Part Q) Building Regulations laid out a revised set of guidelines for residential dwellings to minimise unauthorised access and increase security.

Part Q centres on your home’s main points of access – your external doors and your windows – and provide the regulations builders and suppliers need to follow for making sure every door and window into your home reaches a certain level of security – and that includes complete timber doorsets and windows.

While the Part Q areas that affect our processes include using timber with a minimum density for both windows and doors, it also applies to the door’s locks, hinges, and letter plates that we use. Some of the security restrictions required may include the use of:

  • High-security multipoint locking systems (or mortice lock) that conform to certain standards
  • Hinge bolts if hinges are accessible from the outside
  • Letter plates that are a maximum size of 260mm x 40mm
  • Glass that is toughened to certain standards

While this list focuses on timber doors, equal priority is given by us to your windows as well. This can include specific features including night latches or vents on friction hinges and/or handles of our high-performance, flush casement and stormproof casement windows. These are put in place for safety and security while providing airflow during the night.

Secured By Design timber double french doors

Trusted security partners

To make sure every door and window we create meets all the right security standards, we work closely with a local ironmongery company who specialise in a wide range of security fixtures, fittings, and locks to suit every style. As one of our trusted partners, we know all their products:

  • Have passed any PAS 24 tests and secured the relevant certification
  • Are SBD and police-approved for use
  • Meet the necessary Part Q building regulations for security

Of course, you may have ideas or suggestions on the type of locks, latches, hinges and any other ironmongery you want to include as part of your door’s design. We’ll always try to include these elements if we can, but we’ll also work with you to find other options that ensure every door and window is compliant with security regulations

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