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Types Of Windows – How To Make The Right Choice

Posted on: 28th August, 2020

Windows are a defining feature of any home. With all types of windows serving a specific purpose, the influence of function, form, and aesthetics should never be underestimated. But making the right choice of window frame to give your home the style it deserves can be a delicate decision. 

Whether you’re in need of new or replacement wooden windows, Nathan McCarter Joinery has a range of hung window types to give your home timeless elegance and energy efficiency. And to help you make that decision, our guide to all the types of windows we handcraft will give you the options and information you need for different types of any single hung or double hung windows.

Types of windows at Nathan McCarter Joinery 

With our background in creating different types of bespoke, handcrafted period and traditional window frames, our offering naturally reflects these key elements. Suited to both modern new-build homes and period or listed buildings, every authentic window type we offer is handcrafted using skilled workmanship and made to measure from sustainably-sourced Accoya wood, giving your home an exceptional finish in every way.

Sliding sash windows

close up view timber sliding sash windows
close up view timber sliding sash windows

A popular feature in houses since their introduction in the 17th century, wooden sash, or double hung, windows are still widely used, giving a classic finish to homes of all ages. Though specifically suited to older or period properties, our sash windows give you the best of both worlds. Their beautiful combination of traditional style and modern qualities demonstrate exactly why sash windows are still popular today – even in contemporary homes.

Every sash, or hung window, features hand-assembled, inner workings with heavy-duty cords and weights. But they can also be designed to suit the needs of each room, with two options based on authentic designs. A single-hung sash, featuring one fixed and one sliding sash, is a common choice for ventilation. But double-hung sash, with two sliding sashes, can be used together to expel warmer air from the room while drawing cooler air in. For more information and details, see our page on sliding sash windows.

Casement windows

Another popular and desired window choice for many homeowners, casement windows have been a universal choice since the 18th century. Featuring a classic flush-front design, with traditional charm and modern practicality, they’re perfectly suited to any property type, from period cottage to eco-friendly new build. 

Hand-designed and hand-crafted, this type of window is a perfect, modern opening that’s built to last with plenty of character and functionality. Sitting flush to its frame, each casement window has hinges along the side, opening outward for maximum ventilation and giving every home a practical and reliable window style. Nathan McCarter Joinery offers you three variations of casement window, but what type of window is the right choice for your home?

Traditional flush casement windows

flush casement timber window angled shot - types of windows

Echoing the established, period styles of up to 300 years ago, traditional flush casement windows have a minimalist, yet elegant style all of their own. Perfectly suited to older cottages or period properties, their classic appearance and handcrafted detailing blend to provide an architecturally accurate finish to your home. Find out more about our traditional flush casement windows and read a recent case study.

High-performance flush casement windows

close up view of high performance flush casement window
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Combining all the period aesthetics of a traditional casement frame with functional, contemporary details, high-performance flush casement windows give your home something extra. While precision-designed and handcrafted, they come with additional features and details, including thermal efficiency, weatherproofing, security, and operation. Find out more about our high-performance flush casement windows.

Stormproof casement windows

stormproof casement windows

Designed for new build homes or renovation projects, a stormproof casement window is purposely built to withstand extreme weathers and the harshest conditions. Maintaining the same design principles as other window types, this stormproof variation is rebated with a window casement section that sits proud of the frame for the ultimate in weather protection. Find out more about our stormproof casement windows.

Different types of window

Beyond our main offering of single hung or double hung windows and casement windows, Nathan McCarter Joinery also provides bespoke window options, including fixed windows, to further suit your home and your requirements. With a different type of window opening, these alternatives can give rooms a whole new option and outlook.

Tilt and Turn windows

As a modified version of casement windows, tilt and turn opening provides two ways to open instead of one. Like a standard window frame, side hinges allow for full opening, but inwards rather than outwards. The second option provides an inward ‘tilted’ opening for discreet ventilation. Both options are easily used by turning the handle 90° for inward opening or 180° for tilted opening.

Lift and Slide windows

An increasingly common opening option for larger wooden windows or doors, often commissioned by self-build homeowners looking to flood their homes with natural light. This method works by each large, sliding door sitting directly on its opening track. As the handle is turned 180°, this ‘lifts’ the door up onto rollers inside, providing smooth and effortless opening, with soft closing, increased safety and security, and exceptional thermal efficiency.

Glass and glazing options for your window type

Whichever window style or window type you choose that’s right for your home, the window pane and glass you have installed can make all the difference. While we use Planitherm double pane glazing for all our windows, there may be certain instances where double glazing isn’t permitted. 

In these situations, we’ll hand cut single glazing to meet the permissions and covenants of a conservation area or older heritage or listed buildings. Alternatively, we can have Heritage double glazing units manufactured by specialist glazers for properties in the same categories. 

With slim sightlines, narrow cavities, and warm edge spacer bars between the double panes, Heritage units give you similar benefits to standard double glazing, while retaining an authentic finish, true to the architecture and age of the property.

For almost all other single hung or double hung windows, we install double or even triple glazing where it’s required. Giving additional strength, security, and noise reduction, our exclusive use of coated Planitherm glass ensures every window, regardless of style or size, will keep your home warm and energy efficient without loss of light or heat.

Nathan McCarter working in workshop on a wooden windows

Let Nathan McCarter Joinery help you

We’ve given an overview of the types of window we regularly produce for our customers, but there may be questions you have about your own window frames and chosen window types. While we have more information for you to read and learn about our wooden double glazed windows, you may want to talk to us directly about what’s best for you and your home.

Making an investment in our handcrafted windows should be a considered one, and our process is designed to exceed your expectations, deliver total satisfaction, and make your life as easy as possible. Having a one to one conversation with you means we’re able to better understand what window types you want, need, or dream about having in your home. 

So let us help you. You’ll receive all the advice you need when it comes to having the quality, bespoke, and handcrafted types of window that work best for your property. Plus, we can also help you with, and work with, any planning permissions or architectural limitations you may face.

Let’s get your window project started today. For more information and to arrange a site survey, call us today on 01822 615 010, email us on info@nathanmccarter.co.uk, or leave a message now.

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