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Window Colour Trends for 2023

Posted on: 28th February, 2023

From Naturals To Neutrals: Looking Into Colour Trends For Windows

For any home renovation project, windows can be their defining feature. So while beautifully handcrafted, bespoke Accoya windows will tick all the right boxes for your home in terms of quality, durability, and style, the choice of frame colour can often be tricky. Let’s look at what colours are trending for windows in 2023 and how they might inspire you – and your interior.

Window colour trends for 2023

While colour trends will come and go, your new windows will be with you for a long time to come, and the colour of the frames can make a big difference to interior and exterior aesthetics. Classic frame colours like grey and white are still with us but predicted colour trends for 2023 are leaning towards more calm, natural, and earthy tones.

Earthy And Natural

This type of calm, earthy, and natural colour palette is trending for front doors this year, so it makes sense they’ll also follow suit for windows. Giving a homely and natural-looking finish, any interior frame can use shades of tranquil blues, natural greens, and warm terracottas with varying orange, brown, and red hues to create an on-trend living space.

National Park thatched cottage external window close up

Deep And Dark

Trending colours over previous years have seen plenty of bold, dark, and rich tones – blues, greys, browns – even black. That looks to continue as intense, heavier colours, including greens, oranges, and greys, will provide a real depth and strength that lighter colours just can’t match. Blacks and darker greys have been popular on exterior frames, so when twinned with a lighter colour on the inside, you’ll have a two-tone finish to complement the interior decor.

Pinks, Pastels, And Neutrals

A neutral colour palette, including a classic white, will always be around, giving both internal and external frames an understated, yet elegant finish. But 2023 could see a crop of warmer neutrals and pastels taking the spotlight. Creamy yellows, warmer whites, soft blues, light pinks, and even beige tones will match bolder interior design colours while giving a zingy contrast to a darker exterior frame.

A two-tone finish

Introducing a two-tone colour finish to your window frames can give you the best of both worlds. Choosing a particular colour to match your home’s exterior could mean something like a rich, dark Traffic Black, as used on this previous project, for the outside, while using one of the lighter trending colours – or a different colour altogether – to suit your taste and decor on the inside.

A stylish two-tone finish like this could be an invaluable way to put more personality into your home if you live in a listed property or in a conservation area where exterior colour palettes can be limited in choice for heritage windows.

Handcrafted windows for a timeless appearance

Handcrafted, authentic, and bespoke Accoya timber windows will always add a certain level of style and finesse to any home renovation. And a range of paint options can provide the most exquisite finishing touch, inside and out.

With a range of paint colours available, we can advise you on colour matching to any existing colours you have or help you choose a two-tone colour combination that works with your interior and exterior surroundings – all guaranteed for 10 years. For more information on window colours, call us on 01822 615 010, send us a message, or email us at info@nathanmccarter.co.uk today.

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