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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Wood Replacement Windows

Posted on: 29th April, 2020

Whether your home is modern and contemporary or steeped in period history, its windows are one of its most important – and essential – features. But no matter what your home’s age or style, renovation, restoration, or repair projects will give you the perfect opportunity to embrace the timeless character of wood replacement windows.

So why should you replace your windows? It’s no small project, but there are plenty of reasons to do it when the time is right. When any existing frames need replacing because either you prefer a change style or they’re in need of repair, handcrafted wood replacement windows from Nathan McCarter Joinery will give your home an elegant and distinctive finish.

Here are our top 10 reasons why you should replace your windows sooner rather than later, and why Accoya® wood replacement windows with hand-fitted double glazing are your best option.

1. Buy once to last a lifetime

Outlasting any uPVC windows, Accoya wood replacement windows are one of the best investments you could make for your home. With plastic windows only having a typical lifespan of around 15 years, the superior qualities of Accoya wood replacement windows will more than pay for themselves while lasting three times longer.

2. Boost energy efficiency

By taking out older, single pane windows, weathered and worn over time, and installing made to measure, custom wooden double glazed windows, your home will get a boost in energy efficiency. Using Planitherm double glazed glass for maximum efficiency, your energy bills can go down by as much as 30%.

3. Reduce the carbon footprint

Our wooden frame material of choice is Accoya wood. Coming from managed and sustainable sources, it has a low environmental impact which makes it CO2 negative over the wood’s life. And with Accoya’s natural thermal insulation, you can boost your energy efficiency even further and reduce the global carbon footprint. Find out everything you need to know about Accoya windows.

4. Better security

If you have fears over the security of your windows, our wood replacement windows will help you overcome them. Certain Planitherm double glazing comes with a high-security layer which makes the tough glass even tougher, making it even harder to break. But every window can be also fitted with high quality furniture including high-security, multi-point locks wherever you need them.

A recent project for wood replacement windows
Close up view of a recent project for timber replacement windows

5. No more UV damage

The sun’s UV rays will often cause damage to hard and softwood frames, as well as to fabrics and furniture in your home – especially if your windows get more direct sunlight. Accoya has a high resistance to UV degradation, making our wood frames last longer without splitting or rotting. And the Planitherm double glazing is specially coated to protect surfaces against 99% of UV rays.

6. Noise reduction

Replacing any of your single pane windows with double glazing will give you a big reduction in unwanted outside noise filtering into your home. If you’re living with loud neighbours or near a busy main road, new double glazing or specially laminated glass could give you up to a 20% reduction in noise, leaving outside noise where it belongs.

7. Keep more heat in

Older windows will develop air gaps and leaks, letting cool air into your home and letting the warmth out. Accoya’s excellent stability, durability, and natural thermal insulation will stop that by making sure your frames fit and stay rot free for up to 50 years. And, excluding the frame, upto 70% of any window is made up of glass, so with Planitherm double glazing, you could stop around 56% more heat being lost through your glass.

8. Less maintenance

The older your existing wooden windows are, the more maintenance they’ll need. Regular stripping and repainting can be long, arduous, and expensive work. But new wood replacement windows made from Accoya have a more stable surface, so a good application of paint or coating will last much longer. That means less time on maintenance and less money on paint – which also means it’s better for the environment.

Internal view of a recent client project for wooden replacement windows

9. Prevent damage

Many older windows, including both uPVC plastic and traditional hardwoods, can be the source of serious structural damage to your property. Water damage from leaking, warped, or rotten windows can lead to big repair bills as well as being the origin of damp, mould, and mildew. Accoya wood has Class 1 durability as well as the stability to hold its original size and shape without swelling, shrinking, or cracking.

10. A finish to be proud of

Older windows can look outdated on some properties, while more modern windows may not suit the architectural aesthetics of your home. Whether you’re replacing your windows because of damage, restoration, or just for a change of style, authentically handcrafted wood replacement windows will give your home a truly classic and consistent finish throughout.

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What to do next to replace your timber windows

Replacing your home’s windows can be a major project. But taking the time to consider the benefits we’ve listed here, there’s plenty of positive reasons – environmentally, financially, and stylistically – to take the next step and make your home the best it can be with a finish it deserves.

Individually designed and handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen, our bespoke timber windows are created using traditional methods and contemporary tooling. Custom-made and finished in our workshop to your own specifications, our experience and personal attention combine to give a service worthy of your investment

Whatever you need, we’re happy to discuss your replacement windows in more detail at any time. We’re here to give you any help and advice you need to make the right choice for your home, so why not get in touch to arrange a visit to our Tavistock workshop? You can see our windows and processes up close and view our craftsmanship in action.

Nathan McCarter Joinery gave courteous, efficient service and provided excellent craftsmanship when our window needed replacing. We would not hesitate to use the firm again.

Mrs K Ellis

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To chat about your options and take the first step of your window project with us, get in touch today. For more information, and to schedule your detailed site survey, call us on 01822 615010 or email info@nathanmccarter.co.uk.

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