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A guide to our wooden windows prices

Posted on: 27th January, 2020

Are Accoya Windows Expensive?

In a word, No. With all the benefits of Accoya combined, our wooden windows prices could actually see you save money. They’ll be a sound investment for your home, and will pay for themselves over your window’s lifetime thanks to their superior qualities. 

Accoya timber will always outlast any uPVC plastic windows. With uPVC plastic window material only having an average lifespan of around 15 years, you could find yourself having to replace them as much as three times within Accoya’s 50-year guarantee. 

Beyond the savings you can make by using Accoya timber windows, there’s also Accoya’s natural thermal qualities to take into account. Accoya gives much-improved insulation compared to other hard or softwoods, and it certainly beats uPVC windows for thermal efficiency, giving you added savings to your fuel bills.

Beautiful handcrafted bespoke wooden window
Wooden windows prices and how they can  help be cheaper than plastic

Frames to define your home

Living in a beautifully restored home, authenticity is the key to a perfect finish, but that can be true whatever style of home you have. For a real touch of authentic charm, timber windows are just one area to be considered. Whether they’re to be replacements for wooden windows that have already served a lifetime or new wooden windows for a feature finish to an exciting new build, they will define your home.

Given their importance, all our handmade timber windows are completely bespoke – unique to you and your property and built to last a lifetime. To achieve the level of authenticity you might be looking for, there’s a lot to consider and important details to take into account. 

This guide to our Accoya wooden window prices will highlight those details and considerations. But we’ll also explain the advantages of using wood and help you get a better understanding of why bespoke timber windows are worthy of additional investment. 

Window considerations

In choosing a handcrafted finish for your home using timber windows, you’ll get an outcome that meets and exceeds every specification, no matter how exacting. As with any handcrafted, artisan goods, the experience, skill, and expertise that goes into creating each one results in a totally unique product.

But even with the premium handcrafted nature of our wooden windows, Accoya windows still prove cheaper than uPVC windows in the long run. In fact, with a firm investment, using the right wood can give you a minimum guarantee of 50 years with low maintenance, meaning they last up to three times longer than standard plastic windows.

Much depends on the frame style you choose and the window size, but plenty of other factors can come into play too. Your choice of single or double-glazed glass, traditional or contemporary hardware, locks, and latches, as well as a protective paint finish for ultimate weather protection. Depending on your requirements, all these considerations can make a difference to your budget.

The benefit of Accoya wood

While each window in our range has their own character, they will all give your home that discerning sense of authenticity ideally suited to its heritage – something uPVC window materials can’t recreate. But your chosen material is key and while we mentioned using the right wood for your new windows, our first choice window material is always Accoya®

Accoya Windows - Joinery Manufacturer Logo

Despite its popularity and being the premium material for durability, stability, and sustainability, it may not be a name you’ve come across before. Our recent blog will tell you everything you need to know about Accoya windows and why we use and recommend it more than any other window material. 

So why is it the ‘right’ wood? Accoya has credentials that give it such resilience that it exceeds the performance of traditional hardwoods even though it’s classed as a softwood. Its superior durability means it can withstand extreme weather for 50 years (guaranteed) without replacement, all without swelling or shrinking.

And it’s sustainable. Being produced from FSC, PEFC and other certified woods, it has a low environmental impact and ensures a negative CO2 output over the wood’s life cycle. On top of all this, using Accoya means you’ll have a heavily-reduced maintenance schedule across the lifetime of your wooden windows.

How much do timber windows cost?

Based on these factors, all Nathan McCarter window prices will vary due to the amount of variables involved. There is no ‘typical’ window size or finish, and, like every person and every home, each project is individual and is treated as such by us. Therefore, your bespoke quotation will reflect your chosen style, finish, and requirements accordingly.

As we said, there’s no ‘typical’ window, which is why we always give accurate quotes based on exact specifications, subject to current market material costs.

A design classic

But your windows are an expression of who you are. A natural extension of your personality, style, and taste, as well as that of your home. As such, both our service and the finish will represent more than just a window. 

Each Nathan McCarter Joinery window sees traditional methods, modern tooling, and quality craftsmanship in every piece. As each window is being custom-designed, made to measure, and hand-assembled on-site in our workshop, our bespoke service will give you the personal, one-to-one attention your investment deserves – a seamless process from concept to completion.

wooden windows prices

Collectively, the results will see a set of beautifully handcrafted, detailed, and exquisite windows made by skilled craftsmen. A classic and timeless appearance to last a lifetime and give your home the finish it’s worthy of. Achieving that special finish will be worth every penny.

Using the right wood can give you a minimum guarantee of 50 years with low maintenance, meaning they last upto three times longer than standard plastic windows.

Let’s start your project

Any prices quoted here are merely a rough guide and should be used as such. But start your window project today and get in touch for an accurate and detailed quotation. We’re always happy to discuss your options, complete a site survey, and invite you to visit our workshop to see our processes for yourself. For more information, call us on 01822 615010 or email info@nathanmccarter.co.uk.

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